Canvas Spotlight: Cielo Canvas

I'm so excited to share with y'all this project! 


As a mom of a two year old and soon to be four year old, I've found little snippets of time to work on my needlepoint projects - mainly during breakfast time and in the evenings after the boys go to bed. Morning stitching has become one of my favorite accidental habits as it calms and readies my mind for whatever the day has in store. 


When I finished stitching the Cielo canvas, I had no clue as to how I would finish it. While we were visiting family on the coast, I found out a close family friend was expecting a little girl in late Summer, and viola, an idea was born. 


Here's the finished piece that inspired the finishing for the Cielo Canvas - stitched by my mom over 30 years ago. I sent this image to Daphne of La Stitcheria and she was able to finish the Cielo canvas to the T. 


Cielo Canvas is available for purchase here! 

Cheers y'all, 



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