About Us


Initial K Studio is putting a modern spin on an ancient practice. Fall in love with our collection of minimalist needlepoint canvases, intricate PDF quilt patterns and a book brimming with quilt patterns and the spirit of the Southwest in every page.

Meet Kristi

Founder Kristi Schroeder Larson is rewriting the narrative. This Texas native has transformed classic quilting into a more accessible art, giving people the opportunity to find creative outlets in a world with often far too much screen time. Kristi left her corporate job to start Initial K Studio, delved into the world of quilting, authored a book called Southwest Modern, and hasn’t looked back.  After the birth of her second child, she found relief in the rhythmic nature of needlepoint, which she used as a more portable outlet while being a mom on the move.


Initial K Studio is a modern twist on the classic craft of quilting. These handcrafted pieces are tasteful and timeless, using modern textures and patterns that will never go out of style. With needlepoint canvases and PDF quilt patterns, you can create your own masterpiece of earthy tones, rustic hues and bold patterns to brighten up your space.