Color Inspiration


How do I pick color for projects? Most times my color story evolves naturally from my inspiration board. But more often than not, my color inspiration comes from physical objects around me. Take this scarf for instance (it’s one of my favorites). I decided to color chip it - a graphic designer term I learned while working in corporate. And the term means exactly as it sounds – taking an object or photo and matching the color of said object with color chips. In this case I used my fabric swatches from a Kona Cotton color card and viola, a fall palette has been created!

This is one of my most favorite methods to use when picking color, and I relied on it a lot while working on Southwest Modern. When deciding on color for the Zia mini, I used my favorite pieces of turquoise jewelry as a guide and had my color palette picked out in no time at all.

So for those of you who are a bit gunshy when it comes to deciding color for your next project (whether it’s a needlepoint canvas or quilt project), take a look around at the environment around you. The inspiration for your next project is closer than you think!

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