Guided by the Light

As a one woman show of Initial K Studio, my time is extremely valuable and I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline my productivity in the studio. My introduction to the Daylight Company began last year while at QuiltCon and I have to say, their products are an absolute game changer in the sewing and quilting industry. The versatility and dependability of their products, such as the Slimline LED table lamp, has boosted my productivity in the studio tenfold.

No longer am I second guessing the placement of my stitches while quilting nor do I strain my eyes while re-threading my needle on my sewing machine. Quilting deadlines are finishing ahead of schedule, and suddenly I have extra time to focus on designing new quilt patterns for future projects.

Which leads me to the Luminos lamp. Picking out color is my favorite process of the design stage. Weather used to play a big factor in my lack of productivity (especially in the middle of a deadline) as I relied heavily on the natural light in the studio when selecting the right colors for a new project. As a designer, color is key is my world and the Luminos lamp has been an absolute lifesaver as I no longer have to worry about the weather and/or lack of natural light in the studio.

No matter the time of day, I simply turn on the lamp, get to work and move forward confidently in selecting colors for various projects. The best bonus is that I have endless light for taking high resolution photos to post on social media, because we all now how important it is to create engaging content for our followers, right? Again, another win in my book hands down.

So if you’re looking to become more productive in your daily sewing activities, the Daylight products are an excellent addition to any studio. I promise you’ll be surprised with the extra time you’ll have on your hands once implementing the products. I certainly was!

Which leads me to announce how proud I am to be a 2018 brand ambassador for the Daylight Company. For more information visit The Daylight Company and use the code InitialKStudio18 to receive 20% off your order.

Happy Sewing y’all!

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