Valentine's Day Favorites

I've been meaning to post this for the past two weeks, but thanks to the crud that ran through our household, we are just now back to the land of the living. Regardless, please enjoy a roundup of my favorite valentine's canvases, kits, quilt patterns and more to treat yourself or a loved one. Happy Valentine's Y'all! 


I envision these canvases being finished as door hangers, acrylic trays, pillows or ornaments that can displayed throughout the house in the weeks before Valentines.

1. Tonight - Not Tonight Heart Pattern available via Lycette Designs here

2. Hugs and Kisses by Doolittle Stitchery available via Greystone Needlepoint

3. Ballon XO by Rachel Barri Designs available here

4. Love Dollies Needlepoint Kit by Mopsey Design available here.



Nothing says love like gifting a quilt to a dear friend or loved one. I personally love the designers behind each pattern and couldn't help but to include one of my own (wink wink). 

5. French Macaron Quilt PDF pattern by Modern Handcraft 

6. Looper Quilt PDF Pattern by Miss Make

7. Maypole Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

8. Migration Quilt Pattern by Initial K Studio


These goodies are my personal favorite and range in price. I wear Jones Road Miracle Balm (by the makeup artist maven Bobbi Brown) daily and love how it brightens my skin - a definite must while taking care of the boys non-stop. 

9. Pastel Rosa Brillante by Mi Golondrina 

10. Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

11. Wild at Heart Dish available at Vintage Soul ATX 

12. Heart Bowl by Nambe

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